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New! SUN Bucks Grocery Benefit Means More $ for Food This Summer

Nearly 30 million children participate in USDA’s school breakfast and lunch programs on an average school day. When school is out for the summer, kids lose access to these healthy meals, but they still need nutritious food to grow healthy and strong.

This year, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office for Family Independence (OFI) is offering the new SUN Bucks grocery benefit that provides families $120 per eligible school-aged child, so you can stretch your grocery budget and buy more of the foods your children love!

SUN Bucks is designed to work together with other benefits your family may already get, like SNAP and WIC, and your children can still enjoy free SUN Meals at local meal sites, too.

Find out more about SUN Bucks and how to apply here!

Please consider sharing the factsheet below, to help spread the word.

The more we can share about SUN Bucks, the more families can benefit!

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