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Bartender Pouring Beer

Responsible Beverage Server Training

What is RBS Training?

Alcohol server training known as Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Training (RBSS) is a training program that provides owners, managers, and servers of establishments that serve/sell alcohol with the knowledge and skills to help them serve/sell alcohol responsibly and fulfill the legal requirements of alcohol service.

You will receive a certificate of completion once you finish the training. 

Training is in-person and FREE - Register below!
Spots limited!

Who Needs
RBS Training?

  • Staff in Restaurants & Bars

  • Convenience Store Clerks

  • Grocery Store Clerks

  • Managers/Supervisors

Detect False IDs

Assess Signs of Impairment

Know Alcohol-Related Laws

& More!

Thursday, April 4th 
8 - 11 am

Rockland City Hall

(Please fill out for each individual attending)

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